Prof. Emeritus Noah Lotan

Phone 073-3784135
Office Silver Building, Room 238


  • 1966 PhD Biophysics (with Distinction), Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
  • 1957 BSc Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, Romania
  • Professor Noah Lotan joined the Technion in 1979 and was appointed a Full Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering in 1989. He held visiting appointments at the National Center for Scientific Research in Strasbourg, France, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY-USA, the University of Rouen, France, the Ciba-Geigy Corp. in Basel, Switzerland, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, MA, USA. Prof. Lotan was the incumbent of The Roy Matas / Winnipeg Chair in Biomedical Engineering. He established the Leonard and Diane Sherman Biomaterials Research Center at the Technion, and directed it till his retirement.
  • Books Published:
  • Alagem-Shafir, M., Kivovich, E., Tzchori, I., Lanir, N., Falah, M., Flugelman, M.Y., Dinnar, U., Beyar, R., Lotan, N.,and Sivan, S. The formation of an anti-restenotic / anti-thrombotic surface by immobilization of nitric acid synthase on a metallic carrier. Acta Biomaterialia, 10: 2304-2312, 2014.
  • O.Filo and N.Lotan: " Information Processing by Biochemical Systems: Neural Network-Type Configurations " , Wiley, USA ( ISBN : 978-0-470-50094-1 ) (2010) .
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  • Fu, K., Harrell, R., Zinski, K., Um, C., Jaklenec, A., Frazier, J., Lotan, N., Burke, P., Klibanov, A. and Langer, R. A potential approach for decreasing the burst effect of protein from PLGA microspheres. J. Pharm. Sci.,92(8): 1582-1591 , 2003.
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  • "Analytical Models in Biomedical Engineering", Julius Silver Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel (1985).
  • Israel J. Chem., Special Volume, dedicated to the memory of the late Prof. A. Berger, Israel (1974).
  • "Peptides, Polypeptides and Proteins", E.Blout, F.Bovey, M.Goodman, and N.Lotan, Eds., Wiley, USA (1974).
  • Biomaterials: Medical and non-medical applications
  • Intelligent systems for drug targeting: Cancer metastases and vascular lesions
  • Immobilized enzymes and sorbents for biotechnological applications
  • Extracorporeal and fully-implanted biosystems for metabolic support
  • Bioengineering, biotechnology and artificial biological systems
  • Separation and purification of biomaterials: Process engineering
  • Multifunctional scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Molecular electronics and biochemical assemblies as neural networks
  • Drug resistance: Metabolic reprograming and therapeutics