The Cardiovascular System

  • Cardiac electromechanical coupling
  • Heart energy transformation control
  • Cardiovascular flow & blood circulation
  • Controlled release of drugs in the circulatory system
  • Nanotechnology applications in the circulatory system
  • Mechanical failure of the heart
  • Cardiac failure diagnostics and assistive devices
  • Imaging of cardiac function
  • Electrophysiology and arrhythmias


Research Labs:

  • Molecular Cardiology Research Laboratory
  • Bio-energetic and Bio-electric Systems Laboratory
  • Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory
  • Cardiovascular NanoMed Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Ultrasound Signal and Image Processing and Modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Laboratory
  • Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory
  • In vivo Multi-Scale Imaging Laboratory