The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering aims to maximize the integration of science and engineering for the advancement of medicine and the improvement of quality of life for countless individuals throughout the world.

As Israel’s largest Biomedical Engineering faculty, we see ourselves as a driving force for building both a national and an international community of scientists and engineers equipped with practical knowledge and capabilities to better understand medical problems and develop strategies and technologies to solve these problems.

We foster a community that promotes academic education and practical technological developments alongside the values of knowledge, innovation and efficiency for the benefit of humankind.

The Faculty provides a challenging learning environment with a broad entrepreneurial base, with the goal of furthering intellectual and business growth.

Our Faculty members come from different disciplines, and they focus their teaching and research on the extraordinary health challenges facing us today, as well as those expected to challenge humanity as a whole in the future.

We maintain a close relationship with the industry and the healthcare system in order to cultivate an understanding of the needs in the field, to develop an awareness of the abundance of options available to Biomedical Engineering graduates, and to create an implementable interface of Faculty-generated ideas and ventures.

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion enables students to engage meaningfully in cutting-edge science, the fruits of which are leading the way to a better and brighter medical future for humankind.