Medical Imaging

  • Medical imaging (Ultrasound, CT, PET, MRI and Optical Imaging)
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Image-guided medical treatments
  • Advanced microscopy methods
  • Computed magnetic resonance imaging
  • Bio-photonics, optics and biomedical electro-optics


Research Labs:

  • Medical Imaging Laboratory
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Laboratory
  • Biomedical Optics Laboratory
  • Bio-electric and Bio-energetic Systems Laboratory
  • Neurorehabilitation and Sensorimotor Neuroscience Laboratory
  • Neuro-Engineering Laboratory
  • Nano-Bio-Optics Laboratory
  • Computational MRI Laboratory
  • Synthetic Biology and Bioelectronics Laboratory
  • In vivo Multi-Scale Imaging Laboratory
  • Technion BioMotion Lab
  • BioPhysics. Nano dynamics Laboratory