• Single Protein Molecule Biosensors
  • AI to classify human proteome and post-translational modifications (PTMs)
  • Precision medicine based on single molecule biomarkers
  • Liquid Biopsy coupled to single-molecule sensing
  • Plasmonics sensors for single molecule sensing
  • Solid-state Nanopore biosensing
  • Nano-fluidics for molecular sensing
  • DNA origami for biophysical studies
  • Spectral imaging and cancer detection


Single Molecule Biophysics and Bio-Nano Technology Lab

Prof. Amit Meller

Job Title Vice Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Phone 04-8293202
Office Emerson Building, Room 627
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BioPhysics. Nano dynamics Lab

Prof. Yuval Garini

Phone 077-8871280
Office Emerson Building, Room 10
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