Industry Relations and Entrepreneurship

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion provides its graduates with the tools to integrate into key positions in high-tech industries, startups, biomedical research institutes, hospitals and healthcare organizations. Faculty Alumni hold key roles in the areas of development, quality-control, applications and marketing in a broad range of markets.

As part of the Meetings with the BME industry course, experts in the biomedical industry in Israel present their fields of activity, including in-depth discussions of technology-intensive solutions for medical needs.

As part of the Projects in the Industry course, undergraduates work on individual/joint projects which apply the medical, engineering and scientific tools that they acquired and developed in the course of their studies.

The Faculty offers companies participating in the Industry Relations Program a rich benefits package that includes the areas of research and development, education and teaching, human resources, public relations, and job posting.

The benefits package is the basis of dialogue between academia and industry. Members of the program are invited to offer ideas and initiatives for additional joint activities which respond to their specific needs.

Many of the academic research areas at the Technion’s Faculty of Biomedical Engineering constitute a fundamental stage in the development of medical products. The Faculty works actively to promote entrepreneurial thinking among students and researchers at all stages of the research so that these research products will be implemented and contribute to improving the quality of medicine and the advancement of the medical industry in Israel and around the world. Toward that end, the students and researchers are trained to identify applications with commercial potential to become familiar with medical product development processes as well as early clinical validation.

The Faculty offers researcher and student entrepreneurs consulting and support services in many fields, as well as courses and lectures in entrepreneurship and the application of biomedical engineering research.

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