Assoc. Prof. Yoav Shechtman

Nano-bio-optics Laboratory

Job Title Program manager, Joint track of Biomedical Engineering and Physics
Phone 04-8291422
Office Emerson Building, Room 801
Link to Lab


  • 2013 PhD Faculty of Physics, Technion, Israel
  • 2007 BSc Electrical Engineering & Physics (Dual Degree), Technion, Israel
  • 2017- Assistant Professor, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Technion
  • 2013-2016 - Postdoctoral researcher, Stanford University, USA
  • N. Granik, L.E. Weiss, M. Shalom, M. Chein, E. Perlson, Y. Roichman, Y. Shechtman (2019). “Single particle diffusion characterization by deep learning“ Biophysical Journal, 117(2), 185-192
  • E. Hershko, L.E. Weiss, T. Michaeli, Y. Shechtman (2019). “Multicolor localization microscopy and point-spread-function engineering by deep learning“, Optics Express 27, 5, 6158-6183
  • E. Nehme, L.E. Weiss, T. Michaeli, and Y. Shechtman (2018). “Deep-STORM: Super Resolution Single Molecule Microscopy by Deep Learning“, Optica 4, 458-464
  • B. Ferdman, L.E. Weiss, O. Alalouf, Y. Haimovich, Y. Shechtman (2018).“Ultrasensitive refractometry via supercritical angle fluorescence“, ACS Nano, 11892-11898
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  • A. Szameit, Y. Shechtman, E. Osherovich, E. Bullkich, P. Sidorenko, H. Dana, S. Steiner, E. B. Kley, S. Gazit, T. Cohen-Hyams, S. Shoham, M. Zibulevsky, I. Yavneh, Y. C. Eldar, O. Cohen, and M. Segev (2012).,”Sparsity-based single-shot subwavelength coherent diffractive imaging“, Nature Materials 11 (5), 455-459
  • Optical super-resolution microscopy – experimental methods and algorithms
  • Multicolor and three-dimensional nano-tracking
  • Optical design and analysis through machine learning
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Optimal design of optical systems
  • Parameter estimation and inverse problems in optics
  • Intracellular imaging and chromatin structure