Congratulations to Shilo Ohayon for winning the Jacobs Excellence Reward for best published paper

Congratulations! Shilo Ohayon, a PhD student at Prof. Amit Meller‘s Single-Molecule Biophysics and Bio-nano Technology, won the Jacobs Excellence Reward for the best published paper for the current academic year 2020-2021. Shilo’s Paper : “On‑chip protein separation with single‑molecule resolution”.…

Brain storming

The next stage in the development of artificial intelligence is a stem-cell-based biological computer. Neu-ChiP, an international collaboration funded by the European Union with the participation of Dr. Shahar Kvatinsky, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Dr. Ramez Daniel, Assistant…

Congratulations to Yael Zaffrani for winning the Sherman Award for Excellence

Yael Zaffrani is an MSc student at Dr. Yoav Shechtman‘s Nano-bio-optics Lab. She currently investigates rapid and sensitive detection of coronavirus antibodies using 3D fluoroscopy. Best of luck, Yael!

Can anyone hear me?

A week ago we held our festive annual project presentation event, and for the first time it was completely online! The graduating students (finishing their 4th year of BSc studies) presented systems and devices that predict epileptic seizures, monitor the…

Second Nature Food Publication about Cultivated Meat

An article co-authored by Prof. Shulamit Levenberg, Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, was recently published in Nature Food. The article reviews the challenges in transforming cultured meat into a commercial option. It was written as a joint collaboration between…

Novel technology developed at the Faculty successfully predicts metastatic potential of cancer tumors

Prof. Daphne Weihs of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering has demonstrated the effectiveness of a new technology in predicting metastatic risk based on tumor samples Prof. Daphne Weihs, a faculty member at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion,…

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering hosted Philips Medical

We were happy to meet Faculty alumni who now hold prominent positions at Philips, as well as students who – while studying – assumed a variety of roles at Philips. We had a fascinating meeting that included presentations and a…

Shanghai Ranking Index: We are No. 1 in Israel!

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion keeps its position as the leading in Israel and among the leading in the world in the field of Biomedical Engineering. In the 2020 Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities the Faculty…

Engineering of Life: International Conference on Biomedical Engineering

The International Biomedical Engineering Conference was held at the end of February 2020 at the Haifa Congress Center, led by the Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (ISMBE) and sponsored by the IEEE – the Institute of Electrical and…

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Celebrated its Jubilee

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering was established 50 years ago under the title “The Interdisciplinary Unit for Medical and Biological Engineering”. At first, it offered only graduate studies programs, for MSc and PhD degrees. The first undergraduate program was launched …